HTS Geo systems 77K see Geo systems pdf

T877 Tensor data sheet 77K see Tensor pdf:

DRM-300 data sheet Cryocooler Rock Magnetometer 4K DRM-330 pdf

Please contact ASC Scientific http://www.ascscientific.com/ for additional details on the DRM-300 and accessories.

SMM-401 nanoSQUID 4K see SMM-401 pdf


Hts Tensor System:

The system will measure all unique elements of the field tensor.

3-Axis SQUID Magnetometers

3-Axis SQUID magnetometers for MT (Magneto Telluric), IP (Induced Polarization) and low frequency EM (Electro Magnetic) measurements. Additional models are now under development for borehole use (shallow and deep application). 8 channel magnetometer / gradiometer arrays are also available for mobile survey applications including unexploded ordnance, airborne mineral exploration and environmental waste detection.