Liquid Helium Systems

For more than a decade, Tristan’s scientists and engineers have provided a wide range of liquid helium based SQUID magnetometer systems for laboratory (, biomedical (, geophysical (, and non-destructive test and evaluation (NDE) ( applications.

These systems have ranged from single to multi-hundred channel systems that have been used to measure magnetic fields that are internal to the cryogenic system (e.g., rock magnetometers, ac susceptometers, etc.) or external fields (e.g., geomagnetic fields for oil exploration, magnetoencephalography, magnetocardiography, corrosion currents in aerospace structures, etc.).

Many of Tristan’s liquid helium magnetometer systems are based on our 600 series. This low to medium channel count family offers a liquid helium dewar, SQUID electronics, and a cryogenic probe with either magnetometer or gradiometer detection coils configured to meet your particular needs. The table below is just a partial listing of systems that Tristan has designed, built and delivered. If you would like to find out more about the 600 series, please contact Tristan directly or through your distributor

Model channel count standard detection coil optional reference channels
601 1 1st order axial (Bz) gradiometer
607 7 1st order axial (Bz) gradiometers (4) Bx, By, Bz, dBz/dz
619 19 1st order axial (Bz) gradiometers gradiometers 8-element tensor array
637 37 1st order axial (Bz) gradiometers gradiometers 8-element tensor array

Model 607 for measurements of small animal brain function

Any of Tristan’s systems can be customized to provide for such things as vector (Bx and/or By) detection coils, coil-in-vacuum dewars or close-spaced dewars (as small as 2 mm from liquid helium to room temperature), superconducting magnets for TMS, magnetoimmunoassay measurements or Ferritometer (see For NDE measurements, Tristan can supply scanning systems (see that can accommodate mm to meter dimensioned objects.

For biomagnetic measurements, any of these systems can be supplied with dewar gantries, data acquisition and control computers, magnetically shielded rooms, patient mapping and tracking systems, external stimuli, etc.

Tristan has also supplied systems for magnetization (DRM-330 pdf) and susceptibility measurements. They can be supplied with conventional liquid helium dewars or with cryocoolers (

If you have requirements that cannot be met by currently available systems, contact Tristan so that we may discuss your needs and how Tristan can supply a liquid helium temperature measurement system that meets your requirements.