Biomagnetic Liver Susceptometer

BLS Liver Iron Stores System -(Model 5700 Biosusceptometer)

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Biomagnetic Liver Susceptometer

The BLS Liver Iron Stores Measurement System is designed for measuring fields from paramagnetic materials in the body, such as hepatic iron stores in the liver. Measurements are made by determining the change in magnetic field at the detector as the subject is moved into and away from the sensitive region of the detector. A small magnetic field is applied during these measurements by a self-contained superconducting magnet. To simulate the presence of the body during the measurements, water approximating the natural diamagnetism of the body is located between the sensor and the body.

The system includes dual channel axial gradiometers (3rd channel optional), superconducting magnet and power supply, a liquid helium dewar and gantry, water bag and reservoir, movable bed, a data acquisition and analysis system, and all necessary accessories. As with all Tristan systems, an on-site training course in the proper use of the system is available.