Tristan’s specialties include custom systems (magnetic, cryogenic, scanning, multichannel SQUID, variable temperature systems, magnetic fields, and microwave) based on a core technology of system building and expertise in cryogenics, refrigeration, software (upper level control and embedded) and electronics design.

A few of our custom systems are shown below:

Internal and external Susceptometers and variable temperature stages:


Tristan also provides a number of additional accessories for use in configuring iMAG® SQUID-based systems. These include room-temperature and low-temperature XY Scanning Stages, LTS superconducting motors, mu-metal magnetic shields, dewar stands and other accessories. For applications that require applied fields, Tristan can supply persistent superconducting magnets, permanent magnet structures with custom-designed field profile shapes and built-in copper magnets for ac fields.

Tristan will produce SQUID Systems designed specifically to fit your needs. If your needs are unique, contact Tristan to discuss your particular requirements. Tristan’s 20+ years of experience working with research scientists, and an ever-increasing quest for refinement of its product line, ensures that Tristan can manufacture the ideal SQUID System to suit your needs.