Large Array Full Systems

Tristan has a long history of design and development of large systems for biomagnetic measurements. From components such as dewars for whole head neuromagnetometers to complete systems, Tristan can supply you with whatever biomagnetometer system you need.

37 position scalar/vector probe under construction

100+ channel whole head dewar

Tristan’s capabilities include the following:

  • Complex shape Dewars
  • Liquid immersion or coil-in vacuum dewar construction
  • Orthogonally oriented vector (Bx,By, Bz) detection coils
  • Asymmetric gradiometers for improved sensitivity
  • Integral superconducting magnets
  • Multi-axis dewar gantries
  • Magnetically quiet motorized patient beds
  • Vector and tensor reference arrays for noise cancellation
  • Software for data analysis ranging from basic LabVIEW™ drivers to sophisticated magnetic dipole and current dipole fits

Specific Examples of some of Tristan’s large systems include the following:

Model 663 Spinal Cord Measurement System

Tristan has built and delivered a fully integrated 61 channel magnetic source imaging system for non-invasive measurements of spinal cord activity and source localization. The system is adaptable for humans or animals. Because spinal signals are action potentials, the system is designed to acquire data at the rate of 108,000 samples per second on each of its 80 channels (including reference channels), more than an order of magnitude faster than conventional MEG devices. The system consists of a sensor containing a large array of superconducting magnetic signal detectors and reference channels for noise reduction; signal acquisition, processing and display workstations; a sensor positioning gantry; a patient bed; patient/sensor position indicator.

Model 676 Biomagnetometer (babySQUID®)

An 84-channel system for neuromagnetic measurements of neonates, it features extremely close coil-to-room temperature spacing, inverted coil orientation (the patient lies above the detector array), mm spatial resolution and the ability to operate in an unshielded environment. babySQUID® is described in

Model 637 Biomagnetometer (gutSQUID®)

This system is designed to measure the Basic Electric Rhythm (BER) associated with intestinal activity. The specific application is detection of Mesenteric Ischemia, a life threatening condition with no conventional reliable method of diagnosis. The 37-channel system features coil-in-vacuum construction, axial and vector detection coils and the unique ability to vary the position of the detection coils. This allows the researcher to adjust the spatial frequency measurement capability of the system. Designed to operate in a clinical setting, the model 637 operates in an unshielded environment. Tristan’s experience with coil-in-vacuum design is critical for sensors that are both portable and adaptable to measurement at varying orientations. Further information on gutSQUID® can be found at

Model 5700 Ferritometer®

While not a high channel count system, the Ferritometer®-a clinical system for assessment of liver iron stores-demonstrates our capability to supply complex turn key systems for research or clinical applications. Further information on the Ferritometer® can be found at

Many of Tristan’s systems have been the result of a collaborative effort between us and our customers. We can vary channel density (spatial frequency), coil diameter (sensitivity and spatial resolution) and sensor spacing (sensitivity and spatial resolution) to the requirements of the physiological signals being measured. Please contact Tristan to discuss your particular requirements.