Tristan designs and fabricates custom magnetometer systems to study the magnetic properties of samples. SQUID systems are extremely sensitive instruments designed to detect small electromagnetic signals. By combining SQUID electronics with various special purpose probes and auxiliary electronics, laboratory systems having a variety of capabilities are made available.


magnetic imaging systems

Superconducting amplifiers (SQUIDs) are used to amplify magnetic signals detected by a large array of small detection coils. The detection apparatus is kept at cryogenic temperatures by a vacuum insulated vessel (dewar). Tristan developed fabrication methods allow the detection coils to be placed extremely close to the patient without loss of sensitivity or risk to the patient. Tristan develops custom magnetic imaging systems.


biomagnetic Devices

Electrical measurements of physiological potentials are well established in clinical diagnostics. The flow of an electrical current creates a corresponding magnetic field. Thus bioelectric activity will generate biomagnetic fields. These fields could be detected with Tristan SQUID magnetometers.


Company Vision

Tristan's strength is in the design and manufacture of laboratory and custom SQUID systems. Tristan's standard product line of SQUID instrumentation is the widest available for scientific laboratory applications. Custom SQUID magnetometers supplied by Tristan personnel include the first commercial high temperature SQUID magnetometer and gradiometer, liquid helium scanning SQUID microscopes with 2 µm resolution (the world's first magnetic microscope) and 100+ channel biomagnetometers for medical applications.

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Our Capabilities

Nearly half of Tristan's staff have advanced technical degrees, with over a century of accumulated experience in superconducting technology. Tristan Technologies presently occupies a 6500 square foot facility in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego, over half of which is devoted to magnetometer fabrication. This location, near UCSD, provides easy access to local companies with specialized manufacturing capabilities and outstanding engineering expertise.

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Quality & Technology

Tristan Technologies was first created in 1991 by former principals of San Diego superconducting companies Biomagnetic Technologies (BTi) and S.H.E. Corporation. This company was subsequently sold to Conductus, Sunnyvale in 1993, and became its Instrument & Systems Division in San Diego. This division closed in July 1997, and several employees reformed Tristan Technologies in August 1997.

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