fMCG multi site

Tristan Technologies, Inc. TruckSQUID™ system for mobile fetal magnetocardiography (fMCG)

The TruckSQUID™ is a unique system for fetal magnetocardiography (fMCG) measurements. It allows the clinician to analyze a fetus rapidly for electrophysiologic abnormalities such as fetal arrhythmias. This system is the first clinical mobile system that provides full intrauterine characterization of a fetus with life-threatening heart conditions.

  • 21 SQUID channels configured as 7 vector gradiometers, 20 mm diameter coils with 8 cm baseline to maximize captured fMCG information.
  • Small probe profile with ~10 mm sensor-to-patient standoff for easy positioning in close proximity to fetus.
  • Gantry movement offers four degrees of freedom for patient accommodation
  • Uses proprietary technology to bring the sensor coils very close to the subject to increase signal/noise performance
  • Optional echo/Doppler subsystem for simultaneous detection of hemodynamic and electrophysiologic abnormalities

TRISTAN TECHNOLOGIES TruckSQUID™ System Characteristics

  • Vector field mapping capability
  • Deep source detection capability
  • Liquid Helium dewar hold time ~7 days
  • Windows-based acquisition and display software
  • Advanced data processing based on spatial filtering and ICA
  • ptional Ultrasound probe